Genoa: An Original and Unexpected City

Genoa is a hospitable city and now even easier to reach thanks to the opening of the Genoa San Giorgio Bridge; but I have to say it’s also an unexpected, original and multifaceted city that offers routes far from the crowd with real hidden treasures unknown even to the most experienced travellers. If you choose Genoa for your city break you will be able to experience and savour all the archetypes of a Mediterranean capital.

A city for walking. With its large historic centre; full of beauty and labyrinths of colourful alleys, Genoa is a city that you will want to explore by walking, also thanks to the new themed itineraries that will accompany you from one wonder to another. A tour along the “wonderful Genoese streets, twisted, winding, steep, dizzying” of which Henry James wrote, will give you the opportunity to discover Palazzi dei Rolli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an ancient aristocratic residence in the city centre. You will stumble upon small squares, refined churches or incredible historic shops, with decorated rooms, ancient machinery and processing techniques and many traditional delicacies to taste.

A seaside town. Genoa has signified sea since the ancient times. Even in autumn you can experience it in full. You can start from the Lantern which is become known as the symbol of the city. The medieval lighthouse which can be visited, with its 77 meters in height is the highest in the Mediterranean; from its terrace you can admire the breath-taking view. You can visit the Porto Antico, protagonist of the past and present of Genoa, transformed by the Genoese Renzo Piano. Here is the aquarium of Genoa, where you can meet 12 thousand specimens of 600 different species, including a Cetacean Pavilion, also designed by Renzo Piano. If you are interested in the history of navigation, the right place for you is Galata Museo del Mare, the most important maritime museum in Europe. There are many immersive exhibitions from the room dedicated to the exploits of Christopher Columbus, to the Galea model to the Sala della Tempesta, where you will find yourself at the mercy of the waves and the wind. If you want to breathe in the sea of Genoa, you can also choose one of its jewel villages. In Nervi you will find the magnificent Anita Garibaldi Walk: a succession of cliffs overlooking the sea, villas, even a 16th century fort. Next to it, nine hectares of parkland with English lawns, romantic gardens, rose gardens, Mediterranean scrub and tropical plants and villas that house small and refined museums. Here you can enjoy an ice cream or an aperitif, in front of a spectacular sunset. Boccadasse is a jewel, that almost reminds you of Portofino: pastel-coloured houses overlooking the beach, cobbled streets, nets spread out in the sun by fishermen. Perfect for a relaxing Sunday, lulled by the sound of the waves on the rocks. From the Porto Antico you can reach (also by sea) Pegli, another seaside village where Villa Durazzo Pallavicini is located, with its fascinating romantic historic park, full of scenic buildings, waterfalls and rare plants.

Not just the sea: Genoa offers a range of outdoor experiences even in autumn, such as the hiking itineraries of the Forts and the Aqueduct, historical parks, the discovery of the hinterland with the Casella train, the exploration of the vertical dimension that takes you from the sea to the forts with lifts and historic racks. Genoa is also the gateway to all the richness of the Ligurian Riviera: it will be easy for you to plan day trips to discover fascinating villages and breathtaking views.

Tastes of Genova: You will not be able to resist an unforgettable journey into Genoese cuisine, made of simple and genuine ingredients. Among the the most popular dishes is trofie with pesto, the symbolic condiment of the city, prepared according to a traditional recipe; focaccia, queen of street food, savory vegetable pies, dishes based on anchovies, octopus or stock fish.

Events taking place in the city:

Rolli Days: On the 10 and 11 October, the doors of the Palazzi dei Rolli will open to the public, the opulent residence of the Genoese aristocracy, now a UNESCO heritage site. The October edition will combine the usual opening of some buildings but with a digital part, with the creation of virtual visits to specific buildings that are more difficult for the public to access.
60th International Boat Show: From the 1 to 6 October the largest boat show in the Mediterranean will take place, an event which represents the excellence of Made in Italy. Every year it welcomes operators in the sector and sea lovers with boats that are over 200 thousand square meters of exposure between land and water.
The BLUE autumn of Villa Croce: From Blu di Genova by ArteJeans to infinity by Yves Klein, 30 September – Museum of Contemporary Arts of Villa Croce. BLUE, a visible idea of infinity, the most metaphysical of the colours of the rainbow, is the protagonist of the fall 2020 of the Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art. It will be a multiple of exhibitiosn, five exhibition events in a simultaneous, dynamic and engaging staging. In the centre, ArtJeans. History of a myth in the plots of contemporary art, which presents a preview of 23 works donated by as many artists to the Civic Collections of Genoa and which anticipates the great “Genova Jeans” event which will take place in 2021.
“Deredia in Genoa – The sphere between two worlds”, 16 September – 30 November 2020.Genoa welcomes the great sculptures of the Costa Rican artist Jiménez Deredia, which become a powerful sign in the urban landscape of Genoese autumn, from the Brignole station to the Porto Antico. Eight major works, of which 7 unpublished, with the characteristic circular and oval shapes recurring in the artist’s imagination, will accompany the viewer on a journey through the urban fabric of the city.
Michelangelo Divino Artist, 8 October 2020 – 24 January 2021. Palazzo Ducale. The exhibition focuses on the exceptional encounters that Michelangelo had with some of the most important characters of the Renaissance age. On display are two excellent marble sculptures and 60 autographed drawings and papers of Michelangelo’s correspondence.

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