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A cycling tour through Veneto

The achingly charming landscape of Veneto’s small, unspoilt towns and its rolling hilltop countryside leaves you wondering why this region isn’t bursting with tourists. Veneto (here we are not talking about the obvious cities like Venice) is for serious culinary enthusiasts and for those who are in search of what it means to have an […]

Getting to gripes with Rome

Rome is complicated. There are so many artistic masterpieces that it can sometimes leave you with an aesthetic overload. Every street corner depicts an impressive moment in history taking you on a journey from antiquity to the high Renaissance to World War II and the end of Fascism. The historical landmarks such as the Colosseum, […]

Verona: Italy’s Romantic Gem

Culturally, Verona is completely alive. It boasts in being home to perhaps the most famous literary masterpiece ever: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette which is responsible for the tide of tourists who flock to the city each year. But beyond the obvious Verona really does have it all. The wonderfully romantic and well preserved 1 st […]

Sicily: A Magical Dream

Sicily is an explosion to the senses. A magnificent jewel that embodies the colours and tastes of the Mediterranean- the wonderfully sour lemon granita and the sweet ricotta filled cannolo to name a few. The scents of the island oozes sensuality to engulf you in a world of pure beauty. 1,637km of jagged coastline with […]

Cernobbio – Lago di Como, Italy’s majestic jewel

Lake Como is beautiful. So glorious in fact that it is difficult to express in words until you actually see it. Despite the numerous crowds it attracts every year, Lake Como has managed to sustain its majestic quality. Surrounded by overbearing mountains, sleepy villages and opulent villas, we adored spending a long weekend in Cernobbio. […]